The Whole Shebang

Here’s a handy list of absolutely everything I offer, including free resources, online courses, coaching, editing services and downloadable booklets, organised in order of price from free upwards. I really, truly hope you find something here that answers a question or solves a problem for you. If you don’t, email me and I’ll do my best to help!

Grab a PDF booklet of my top 45 recommended writing craft books for children’s and YA writers including my go-to genre guides and Children’s Literature MA reading list favourites!

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A free self-paced email course with two weeks of surprising interview questions for your MG or YA character to answer.

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Know your genre, love your genre and help young readers love it, too! This is a compact course that acts as a taster for Nail Your Genre and Give Young Readers What They Want. Immerse yourself in your chosen genre and learn the origins, headlines and current market.

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For brand new writers and seasoned professionals dipping their toe into writing for a young audience. Get clear on these distinctive readerships and how to create fantastic stories that meet middle grade and YA conventions.

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A monster course for children’s and YA writers who want to get their heads around genre and what it looks like in the children’s book space. I’ll help you narrow down your book’s genre and consider the conventions and expectations that come with it. We’ll also discuss why genre is important, particularly in children’s books, and why being accurate about the type of book you’ve written can empower young readers and help them find stories they’ll fall in love with ❤️

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A brilliant way to get feedback on a specific element of your story. They focus only on your first 10,000 words so are great for letting you know if you’re heading in the right direction or, if you already have a completed manuscript, giving you the suggestions and guidance you need to tackle revisions.

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An online (video & mic free!) 45-minute consultation and follow-up email. Send me an extract from your manuscript and book an online chat so we can discuss your concerns. We’ll talk via text in Slack so no cameras or microphones, just good old-fashioned typing.

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Want some feedback on your story before you start writing? With a plot check-up you can run your plans past me to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

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Go from zero comps to a pitch-ready list in four weeks! This four-week workshop with instructor feedback guides you through finding, reading and pitching the perfect comps for your children’s or YA book, levelling up your chances of publishing success

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Wondering how to make your submission really stand out and impress your dream agents? Send me your query letter, synopsis and first 10,000 words and I’ll write a short report (up to 5 pages of A4) with suggestions on how to strengthen your submission materials.

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I’ll read your query letter, synopsis (up to 3 A4 pages) and first 10,000 words, write a short report up to 5 A4 pages with feedback and recommendations AND I’ll mark-up all your documents with comments in the margin so it’s like a mini developmental edit except the focus is on presenting your submission materials in the best light rather than strengthening your novel as a whole.

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This is for authors I’ve worked with before. I’ll read your full revised manuscript within a year of your initial edit and write an editorial letter around 5 A4 pages in Word discussing how successfully you’ve addressed my original feedback and recommendations.
Customised editing or coaching to fit your writing goals. Send me 10,000 a month and get feedback on your WIP via email. Weekly deadlines for accountability, lots of support and cheerleading when you need it! Unlimited questions and messages via email or dedicated Slack channel.
I’ll read your first 10,000 words (twice) and give feedback on your story’s opening and tips on where to go next. The editorial letter identifies three plot elements that need the most development and explores them in detail plus gives an overview of any other potential issues or areas that might need work.

I’ll be at your beck and call all day from 9am to 7pm BST to reply to text and voice messages (but no live calls). You can choose between two communication methods: Slack and Voxer. Both are available on mobile and desktop so you can send me messages when you’re out and about if a thought pops into your head, and I can respond to you whether I’m in the office, popping to the shop or sneaking a fun-size Twix in the kitchen.

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I’ll read your full manuscript and give you seven recommendations for strengthening your story with actionable advice and links to further reading. I won’t go into lots of detail explaining writing terminology or explaining writing craft but I will always include resources where you can learn more.

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The same as Weekly Pages but with double the word count (20k a month) plus developmental comments in the margins of your manuscript.

The Monster dives deep into your story and provides comprehensive feedback and teaching, like a workshop on story craft with your novel as the text book. As well as a detailed, thorough critique on your story, you’ll receive reading recommendations, worksheets, follow-up support and monthly email check-ins.

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For one whole year you can send me as many manuscripts, chapters, ideas, synopses, query letters and questions as you like and I’ll feed back on them all and give you as much support as you want. Margin comments? Manuscript critiques? Cub reports? Query letter package? Multiple rounds of edits? Week by week coaching? Daily Slack chats? You can have it all!

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