Cub Reports are a brilliant way to get feedback on a specific element of your story.

They focus only on your first 10,000 words so are great for letting you know if you’re heading in the right direction or, if you already have a completed manuscript, giving you the suggestions and guidance you need to tackle revisions. In a Cub Report, I will:

  • Read your first 10,000 words
  • Write a report around 5 A4 pages in Word
  • Address only one plot element, chosen by you
  • Invite you to a private Facebook group for middle grade and YA genre authors

There are a few ideas for Cub Report topics over in the right-hand column: audience, genre and character goals. But if there’s something else you’d like to explore like POV, structure or conflict, let me know. This is your report so let’s make sure it does what you need it to do!

Get in touch to discuss a Cub Report or fill in the handy the online form.


This report addresses whether your story is hitting the conventions and reader expectations for your child or teen audience and helps you establish if your story is really middle grade, YA or something else!


Not sure which genre or subgenre your story is? Wondering if you’re giving genre fans what they want? This report will help you identify your market and how to find published titles similar to yours.

Character goals

I’ll explore how successfully you present your main character’s goals (internal and external) and motivations and whether they’re driving the story forward in each scene.

Wild card

If there’s something else in your manuscript you’d like me to focus on, like pacing, POV or sensory detail, let me know via email. If I think it’s something I can cover in a Cub Report, you’re on!