Wolf Credit

Collect credit to use against any Writer and the Wolf service or course, like real money except more fun. Spend it right away or save up to use on something bigger! There are lots of ways to earn Wolf Credit, like referring me to other authors, taking my courses and working with me on your manuscript. There will also be surprise credit giveaways and opportunities to buy discounted credit so keep an eye on the blog and newsletter!

What is Wolf Credit?

  • Wolf Credit works like gift vouchers that you can spend on their own or add together to use on something bigger
  • You’ve earned them which means they’re just for you! You can’t share them with somebody else
  • Wolf Credit can’t be applied to services or products retroactively so you’ll need to apply your credit at the time of purchasing
  • It can be spent on absolutely any of my services, products or courses, from Cub Reports all the way up to The Monster, The Fairy Godmother package and monthly coaching

How to use your Wolf Credit

Send me an email at siobhan@writerandthewolf.com and let me know how much you’d like to spend and what you’re spending it on. You’ll then either:

  1. Receive a discount code to apply at checkout
  2. Receive an invoice with the credit already applied
  3. Receive access to the product, course or service with no need to checkout

When does Wolf Credit expire?

Wolf Credit is valid for 5 years.

How to check your Wolf Credit balance

You can check your Wolf Credit balance at any time by emailing siobhan@writerandthewolf.com with CREDIT in the subject line.