Become an expert in your genre! 💙

💫 For writers of children’s and YA fiction who want to learn more about the genre they write and get a better understanding of the market and the readers they’re writing for 💫

This is a compact but perfectly formed course that acts as a taster for a much bigger, more thorough genre course: Nail Your Genre and Give Young Readers What They Want! If you choose to upgrade to that course when you finish this taster, you’ll get a 20% discount off the full fee.

Authors! Know your genre, love your genre and help young readers love it, too!

Being completely immersed in the genre you write in helps you:

🐺 understand why readers love this genre, which will help you give them what they want

🐺 be familiar with all the popular titles in the genre so you can understand what’s worked in the past

🐺 know what’s being published in your genre right now so you know what children and teens are currently enjoying

🐺 avoid repeating what’s already been overdone

🐺 be inspired by all the best bits of the genre

🐺 come up with ways to put twists on familiar tropes

🐺 get a feel for word counts, writing styles and POVs

🐺 find great comp titles for your book.

Now includes 2 bonus interactive additions!

1) Get a personalised book recommendation from Siobhán based on your reading or writing habits

2) Join the Writer and the Wolf Facebook group for support and weekly Q&As