My approach

My approach

Indie author cheerleader

You rock! You’ve written a novel AND you’re investing in professional editing to knock it into its best shape. Give me a W-H-O-O-P! The rise of self publishing gets me very excited, because it means indie authors like you get to publish and sell their books and it means lovely readers like me get to read them.

But you’re here because you don’t just want to publish a book; you want to publish the best darn book you can. I gleaned a lot about writing and publishing from my MA in Novel Writing but the most important thing I learned is that writing a novel is HARD and I have nothing but awe and admiration for you because you did it. I will never stop waving my pompoms for you.

Children’s book champion

As a Children’s Literature graduate I’m knowledgable and enthusiastic about children’s and YA publishing – okay, I’m a total kid lit fangirl – and as a mum I’m passionate about raising readers and helping young people discover the magic of books.

I feel strongly that children and teenagers should be encouraged to read whatever they enjoy, whether it’s comics, choose your own adventures, scary stories or literary fiction, because that’s how they learn to love language and stories. That’s why I want to help you tell your story, because it’s unique and important and might just make somebody fall in love.