Quiz Your Protagonist

A free self-paced email course with two weeks of surprising interview questions for your MG or YA character to answer

How well do you know your main character? I mean really know them? The more you understand your hero and their hopes, dreams, fears and motivations, the more believable and relatable their actions will feel to readers. And if your reader believes in your character, they’ll be more invested in the story and more immersed in your world. Bingo!

If you Google ‘questions to ask your protagonist’ you’ll find lots of handy suggestions like ‘how old are you?’, ‘what’s your favourite TV show?’ and ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’ These are a great start if you’re just beginning to create your character or you’re trying to flesh out their identity beyond the basics, but by prodding them further and throwing some unexpected scenarios and tricky choices at them, you’ll start figuring out exactly what makes them tick and how they’re likely to respond to the events in your novel.

Sign your protagonist up for this free mini course and they’ll receive an email a day for 14 days with deep and meaningful questions to answer.

The emails are pretty short and text-only so they don’t take long to read but hopefully they’ll get you thinking about your hero’s inner life on a new level. The email opens with a simple question to ask them, followed by a short explanation of how and why this question can help you develop your character and story.

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What’s the Quiz Your Protagonist Email Course and what do I get?
  • Daily emails Receive one email a day for 14 days
  • Fun questions You’ll get an interview question for your main character plus details of how this can help develop your protagonist and story
  • Written for authors of middle grade and YA All questions are aimed at characters aged between eight and eighteen
  • No assignments or deadlines The course is self-paced so you can read the emails whenever you like and do the exercises in your own time