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Enough dreaming. It’s time to finally write that novel! Maybe you’ve got an idea for a story and you’re ready to sit down and plan it all out: outline, character sketches, research, chapter breakdown. Not a planner? So jump right in and start writing. Or perhaps you’re not quite ready to put pen to paper yet. You feel you need to study the craft, learn the market, explore your genre and flex your skills a bit more before beginning your manuscript. Read on for inspiration, tips, resources and advice for planners and pantsers writing for children or teens.

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Blog posts for children's and YA authors at the prep stage

Services and courses for children's and YA authors at the prep stage

Customised coaching to suit your writing goals and routine

£400 per month

With custom one-on-one coaching you can get help with any aspect of your manuscript, even if you haven’t started writing it yet. Run your premise past me. Bounce plot ideas around. Brainstorm your protagonist’s character arc. Or if you want to work on your craft some more, we can run through exercises and writing practice to help with specific areas you’re struggling with.

We can set up weekly or monthly sessions or arrange a one-off chat.

Whatever you need, send me an email and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

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Plot check-up: feedback before you start your draft


Want some feedback on your story before you start writing? With a plot check-up you can run your plans past me to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. Send your outline, synopsis, pitch, chapter plan or back-of-a-napkin story ideas up to 5,000 words and I’ll send you back a short report on what I think is and isn’t working and what potential hurdles I see in your plan. Maybe there’s no clear character development in your outline or the premise sounds more suited to adult fiction rather than YA. Save yourself time and stress by getting a professional opinion before you start!

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Intro to Middle Grade and YA Webinar and Workbook

£50+ (depending on local taxes)

Ready to finally understand the main differences between middle grade, YA and adult fiction and what agents and publishers are looking for in manuscripts for children and teens? A really handy, easy-to-digest primer whether you’re new to fiction or an experienced author switching to kidlit.

This includes a 48-minute recorded webinar (to download and watch in your own time) on the fundamentals of writing middle grade and YA fiction and a 22-page workbook including all the content from the webinar plus interactive quiz questions.

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