Want to chat about your manuscript? 

Book a camera-free consultation and ask me anything!

Perhaps you don’t need a full report or ongoing support but you have a specific issue you’re struggling with or just want to run something by me. Send me an extract from your manuscript and book an online chat so we can discuss your concerns. We’ll talk via text in Slack so no cameras or microphones, just good old-fashioned typing so you can turn up in your kangaroo onesie and I won’t even know (although I’d be super happy about it so you should tell me). 

Wolf Chat consultations cost £150 and you’ll receive:

  • 45-minute live text chat on Slack (no video or audio)
  • Send me 1,000 words in advance
  • Receive an email recap of our chat with links

What kind of things can we chat about?

If you need any help with your middle grade or YA manuscript or the market in general, get in touch. Remember I’m a developmental editor so I’m not an expert on copyediting matters! Here are some questions you might want to discuss:

  • Is my manuscript middle grade or YA?
  • How long should my book be?
  • Can you help me find some comp titles for my book?
  • Is my story’s opening compelling enough?
  • Does my character’s story goal feel strong enough?
  • How can I raise the stakes?
  • An agent gave me some feedback about my book that I don’t understand, can you help me decipher it?
  • Have I made the right POV choice?
  • Is my inciting incident coming in too late?

How it works

  • Book a Wolf Chat using my live calendar above
  • You’ll instantly be asked to fill in a form telling me a bit about your manuscript and what you need help with
  • You’ll receive an appointment confirmation via email
  • I’ll have a quick read of your form and double check this is something I can help with. If it’s not (for example, if you’ve written a novel for adults rather than children, or if you’re looking for help with the self-publishing process which I’m not an expert in), I’ll email you and point you in the direction of somebody I think is a better fit. I’ll cancel your appointment and you won’t pay anything
  • If I do think I can help, I’ll accept your appointment and send you a proposal and invoice for £150 which I’ll ask you to pay before our session
  • I’ll send you details of our meeting and we’ll both log in to Slack and chat at the agreed time
  • We’ll have a lovely conversation and I’ll send you a recap of our chat!
  • We’ll stay best friend for life and you’ll receive 10% off any future services you book with me