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I absolutely love my job and I’m lucky enough to work with utterly amazing authors every day but sometimes running a business can be scary! Even when I’m at my busiest and booked up months ahead, I’m still thinking about how to grow my business and wondering what I’ll do if things suddenly go quiet.

That’s why word of mouth is so, so valuable to me. Lots of the authors I work with came to me because another author or editor recommended me and I’m enormously grateful to those referrers because they help me keep doing the job I adore.

So if you know somebody who might like to work with me, please do pass along my details and help us create some manuscript magic together.

💫 Share your referral code and get Wolf Credit!

If we’ve worked with me before you should have a referral code that you can share with people when you recommend me (if not, send me an email and I’ll fix that!). You can use this however you like: via social media, a blog post or just telling a friend directly. But be sure to ask the person to use your name when they book as not all discount codes are unique. 

When you refer them, I’ll give them a 10% discount on their first booking or on any Writer and the Wolf courses. They just have to type your referral code into the box when they book along with your name so I know who referred them!  

Once they’ve paid in full, I’ll send you Wolf Credit for 10% of their booking (which could be £15, £200 or even £1,000 depending on the service they’ve chosen!). You can use your code as many times as you like and you’ll keep receiving Wolf Credit!

💫 Who should you refer me to?

  • Audience age: I work with authors who write middle grade or YA novels. Middle grade is generally aimed at children aged around 8 to 12 while YA is written for teens aged 13 to 18.
  • Genre: I edit all genres of fiction except religious novels.
  • Type of editing: I’m a developmental editor so I only give feedback on the story (characterisation, plot, pacing, structure, etc.) and not things like spelling, grammar and word choice. A copyeditor or line editor would be the best choice for those issues and I’m always happy to give recommendations!
  • Writing stage: I work with authors throughout their writing and revision journey, from first ideas and outline reviews all the way through to full manuscript edits and query packages.
  • Experience: I work with brand new writers and seasoned pros!
  • Publishing goal: I work with authors seeking traditional publishing or planning to self-publish.
  • Courses: I also run courses for authors and the referral discount can be used on those, too!
  • Publishers: Although I usually work directly with authors, I sometimes edit manuscripts for publishers and packagers so I’m always happy to connect with them!

Thank you so much for spreading the word and helping my business grow! I really appreciate it and think you are the absolute best person ever.

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Whether we've worked together before or you're just a lovely person who wants to share my details with an author who might be interested in working with me, thank you! Here's a virtual hug and some magic from my personal stash ✨

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