NaNoWriMo bundle! Help with planning, writing and revising your manuscript

Oh hi, you ambitious little star, you! Are you planning to win NaNoWriMo this year with a brand new children’s or YA novel? Of course you are! Fancy some professional editorial support all the way, from Preptober planning right through to edits on your finished manuscript? Great!

🐺 Don’t start NaNoWriMo without a plan!

🐺 Don’t give up on your story halfway through November!

🐺 Don’t write a fantastic manuscript and then leave it on your laptop forever, unloved and unrevised!

Book with me and I’ll be there, looking over your shoulder from afar, prodding you to keep going and showering you with support, enthusiasm, love and motivation!

Grab this limited edition bundle any time in October 2023 and receive:

  • A plot check-up in Preptober to help you get your ideas and outlines in shape before you start writing
  • One month of coaching throughout November with ongoing and unlimited support as you write
  • The Monster, a thorough and jam-packed report on your finished novel when you’re ready

These services would usually cost £1,700 if booked separately but you can snap up this bundle for just £1,199, saving a whopping £500.

I can’t wait to work with you! Send me an email or fill in the form below and let’s chat 💙

NaNoWriMo bundle!

✨ £1,199


Plot check-up in October | £200

Want some feedback on your story before you start writing in November? With a plot check-up you can run your plans past me to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. Send your outline, synopsis, pitch, chapter plan or back-of-a-napkin story ideas up to 10,000 words and I’ll send you back a short report on what I think is and isn’t working and what potential hurdles I see in your plan.

Maybe there’s no clear character development in your outline or the premise sounds more suited to adult fiction rather than YA. Save yourself time and stress by getting a professional opinion before you start!

Coaching in November | £600

If you need accountability and somebody to run your manuscript by as you write, a month of coaching can keep you focused and on track throughout NaNoWriMo. Here’s how coaching usually works but it’s flexible:

  • Send me 20,000 words across November
  • Usually 5,000 words a week but you can split it out however you prefer
  • Get feedback on your WIP via email
  • Comments in the margins of your manuscript
  • Weekly deadlines for accountability
  • Lots of support and cheerleading when you need it
  • Write a new novel as you go
  • A weekly check-in live text chat to discuss feedback and any questions or challenges you have
  • Unlimited questions and messages via email or dedicated Slack channel
  • Pause your coaching for a week, a month or more whenever you need a break
  • Invitation to join private Facebook group for middle grade & YA writers

The Monster within a year | £899

Once you’ve written your NaNoWriMo draft and finished revisions, you can send me your manuscript any time before November 2024 for a thorough, detailed critique. The Monster dives deep into your story and provides comprehensive feedback and teaching, like a workshop on story craft with your novel as the text book. As well as a detailed, thorough critique on your story, you’ll receive reading recommendations, worksheets, follow-up support and monthly email check-ins.

  • I’ll read your full manuscript twice
  • Editorial letter addresses all plot elements (around 30-40 A4 pages in Word)
  • Personalised recommended reading list
  • Quick-start guide outlining the three biggest areas to tackle
  • ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ next steps plans
  • Book map worksheet to help you visualise your story and track character arc, plot and theme
  • Worksheets to help you nail character development, goals, conflict and magic systems.
  • Feedback on your completed worksheets
  • 10,000 words revision review when you’re ready
  • Cheerleading for your book forever! I’ll never stop championing you and spreading the word about your work