Children of the Night: For authors of middle grade & YA horror

So you’re writing a scary book for children or teens? Yes! Let’s be friends! This is such a fun genre in kidlit and once a reader gets their first taste of horror they’re often hooked for life (I was!). So let’s help them fall in love with the dark side. Here are some articles, websites and people that I love and think you’ll like, too.


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Sweet dreams! Should your middle grade horror have a happy ending?
1024 576 Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

I’m often asked whether children’s horror novels should end on a cheerful note with the threat fully defused, giving young readers the closure they need…

How to write a creepy graveyard in middle grade or YA
1024 683 Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Hi there, horror fans! Not much beats the eerie atmosphere of an empty cemetery in the middle of the night, am I right? They’re dark…