Children of the Night: For authors of middle grade & YA horror

So you’re writing a scary book for children or teens? Yes! Let’s be friends! This is such a fun genre in kidlit and once a reader gets their first taste of horror they’re often hooked for life (I was!). So let’s help them fall in love with the dark side. Here are some articles, websites and people that I love and think you’ll like, too.


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Making your spooky kidlit scenes even scarier with sound effects
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Sensory description is so important in any genre of fiction, but in scary stories it can add a chilling, leave-the-lights-on-tonight-please-mum atmosphere to an otherwise flat…

Lessons from R. L. Stine’s Masterclass #1: No moralising
1024 548 Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Last year I took R. L. Stine’s masterclass on writing horror for young readers and it was utterly fascinating. I was a huge Point Horror fan as…

Analysing The Tale of the Phantom Cab
1024 684 Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Welcome back, genre authors, to what is quickly becoming one of my favourite blog series ever! In the last post I explained that I’m going…

Analysing The Tale of the Lonely Ghost
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Hi, horror fans! I’m really excited about this blog series and I hope you will be too. I was a big fan of Are You…