Children of the Night: For authors of middle grade & YA horror

So you’re writing a scary book for children or teens? Yes! Let’s be friends! This is such a fun genre in kidlit and once a reader gets their first taste of horror they’re often hooked for life (I was!). So let’s help them fall in love with the dark side. Here are some articles, websites and people that I love and think you’ll like, too.


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Read like a writer: Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall
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I really enjoyed Rules for Vanishing and it reminded me how much I love epistolary novels! Including additional content like newspaper clippings, video footage and police interviews can work really well in books for young readers: it breaks up the main narrative and increases the white space, meaning the story feels a little less dense and intimidating, plus it encourages readers to speed through the pages more quickly because each section is so short and easy to digest.

Analysing the Tale of the Twisted Claw
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Want to read more middle grade horror? Start here! 2021 edition
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Maybe you write horror for adults and want to dip your toe into the middle grade pool. Maybe you write realistic fiction for kids and…

Analysing The Tale of Laughing in the Dark
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It’s the most fun in the park when you’re laughing in the dark! I have a soft spot for this episode because I love any…