20% off critiques, coaching and editing for NaNoWriMo kidlit authors!

Are you taking on the #NaNoWriMo challenge this year? Go you! If you’re writing middle grade or YA genre fiction (horror, sci-fi, fantasy or mystery) send me your username – I’m SiobhanOBH– and quote discount code NaNoWolf and you’ll receive 20% off any of the following services if you book in October, November or December 2021. You don’t have to use the service in those months, though! Pay a deposit by the end of the year and you’ve got six months to schedule your edit. If you’d like to book story coaching which is billed monthly, this discount applies to any sessions you book in by the end of 2021 but you’ve got six months to schedule and use those sessions.

If you need a helping hand with Preptober, book a Plot Check-Up and run your premise or outline past me before you start writing your draft in November. If you want feedback, editing or coaching once you’ve finished your full draft, I’d recommend setting your manuscript aside for at least a few weeks and doing as much self-editing as you can before scheduling an edit. Share it with critique partners, send it to beta readers, study craft books. That way you know you’re getting the best possible value from your edit when I jump on board! You can still book a service and pay a deposit this year and then give me a shout when you’re ready to send me your manuscript.

Email me or use the contact form to book a service or ask a question, or check out the services page for more details on the below packages. I can’t wait to chat to you!

Perfect for Preptober! Want some feedback on your story idea now before you start writing in November? With a Plot Check-Up you can run your plans past me to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. Send your outline, synopsis, pitch, chapter plan or back-of-a-napkin story ideas up to 5,000 words and I’ll send you back a short report (approx 3 A4 pages) on which elements I think need more development and what potential hurdles I see in your plan. Maybe there’s no clear character development in your outline or the premise sounds more suited to adult fiction rather than YA.

£100 £80 with NaNoWriMo discount

If you don’t manage to hit your word count by the end of November, don’t panic! There’s still plenty of time to finish that novel. When you’ve got the beginnings of a story and want to get to a finished draft, the Starter Critique can point you in the right direction, exploring areas of story craft you need to work on further or plot problems that need addressing before you write the next chapter.

A Starter Critique will focus on the first 10,000 words of your novel and provide actionable ideas and recommendations that you can apply to the rest of your work.

£400 £320 with NaNoWriMo discount

You’ve finished your novel, taken a break and self-edited your heart out and now you want some professional feedback. If you’re an experienced author or you’ve studied craft through writing classes and critique groups, you might not need an overly detailed editorial review. While The Monster goes into depth exploring your novel and the fundamentals of storytelling, an Advanced Report gives a broader overview of what is and isn’t working in your novel.

I’ll provide actionable feedback on your full manuscript with recommendations and guidance but won’t explain story craft.

£400 £320 with NaNoWriMo discount

When NaNoWriMo’s done and you’ve finished your draft, it’s time for revision! Once you’ve taken a break from your manuscript and you’re ready to dive back in, custom one-on-one coaching could help you revise and develop your story. You can send me your pages weekly or monthly and get incremental feedback as you edit or rewrite. You’ll get the accountability that comes with fixed deadlines plus regular critiques and advice to stop you heading too far in the wrong direction with your story.

We’ll arrange a weekly live chat via Slack to discuss feedback and any questions or challenges you have and you can send me unlimited questions and messages any time.

And if there’s something totally different you need help with, give me a shout. Coaching can cover any service that isn’t a simple manuscript edit or critique so the world’s our oyster. And if you write more slowly or quickly and want to send me a different number of words per week or month (or every other month), that’s fine! Let me know what suits you and I’ll work out the best approach and payment schedule.

£400 per month £320 per month with NaNoWriMo discount