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Ready for professional feedback and advice on your finished manuscript? Fabulous, I can’t wait to read it! You’re one step closer to your dreams of being a children’s author so let me help you get that novel over the finish line and into young readers’ hands. Whether this is your first book and you’re still learning the ropes of writing or you’re a seasoned pro who knows the craft inside out, I’ve got an editing service that suits your experience level and preferred depth of feedback.

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Blog posts for children's and YA authors at the revision stage

Services and courses for children's and YA authors at the revision stage

The Monster: a jam-packed manuscript critique

From £699

The Monster dives deep into your story and provides comprehensive feedback and teaching, like a workshop on story craft with your novel as the text book. As well as a detailed critique on your story, you’ll receive reading recommendations, worksheets, follow-up support and monthly check-ins.

This service is for new or emerging authors who want a professional assessment of their children’s or YA novel and are ready to put in some hard (but rewarding) work to make the next draft the best it can be.

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Pixie Report: 7 steps to a stronger manuscript

From £549

If the thought of The Monster is overwhelming (or out of budget), try the Pixie. I’ll read your full manuscript and you’ll get loads of helpful, actionable suggestions for strengthening your story but the report will be shorter and more manageable with just seven specific recommendations to digest.

I won’t go into as much detail explaining writing terminology or craft as I would in The Monster but I will always include resources where you can learn more.

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Conflicting feedback review: reconcile reader critiques


You’ve shared your manuscript with friends, critique partners, beta readers, maybe even agents, and they’ve responded with lots of well-meaning advice and suggestions. But everyone’s saying different things! How do you reconcile conflicting feedback and figure out which criticism to act on?

Send me the feedback you’ve received from various sources and I’ll read and analyse it and then write up a report helping you to understand and prioritise all that helpful and no-so-helpful advice.

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Starter Critique: an overview of your first 10,000 words


The Starter Critique can point you in the right direction, exploring areas of story craft you need to work on further or plot problems that need addressing before you write the next chapter. Or perhaps you’ve already finished your manuscript but your budget doesn’t allow a critique or developmental edit on the full word count.

A partial critique will focus on the beginning of your novel and provide ideas and recommendations that you can apply to the rest of your work.

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Cub Report: Element-specific feedback on your opening


Cub Reports are a great way to get feedback on a specific area of writing craft. They focus only on your first 10,000 words so are great for letting you know if you’re heading in the right direction or, if you already have a completed manuscript, giving you the suggestions and guidance you need to tackle revisions.

I’ll read your first 10,000 words and address only one plot element you want me to focus on. Pick from Audience, Genre, Character Goals or your own choice.

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Custom coaching: Weekly feedback and support

£400 per month

With custom one-on-one coaching you can send me your pages weekly or monthly and get incremental feedback as you write. You’ll get the accountability that comes with fixed deadlines plus regular critiques and advice to stop you heading too far in the wrong direction with your story.

We’ll arrange a weekly live chat via Slack to discuss feedback and any questions or challenges you have and you can send me unlimited questions and messages any time.

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